Obligatory first post

I remember the thrill of my first post on my first blog:

Woo Hoo — an enterprise blog at WSU

WSU enters the enterprise blog era.

posted on Friday, August 06, 2004 3:53 PM

What was important about that post was it ushered in the beginning of Washington State University having an enterprise blog resource. Now, WSU is exploring moving off that platform (.Text, an open source effort that died) and onto a new platform (ELGG or WordPress are front runners right now).

But even as that is happening, conversations within CTLT are leading me to understand that students (and staff) can’t build their own reputations within an enterprise system. This week I bought the NilsPeterson domain, and started the process of stepping out of my university home.

So now, when asked, what is your home page, I’ll say http://www.nilspeterson.com rather than ctlt.wsu.edu/staff/nils_peterson.

Watch for more of this saga as I “move” my “reputation” in Google and Technorati from the university to here.


3 Responses to “Obligatory first post”

  1. Fond Farewell to PBJ Says:

    […] Fond Farewell to PBJ ( 1 ) I’ve started the process of making an exit from PBJ as my blog, to my new blog hosted at my domain.  My reasons for leaving are the notions that Theron Desrosier has been exloring, about building identity, and the problems we see in building an identity within another institution’s system. More on this as I dig back through all that thinking. The important news of the moment is that I’ve started taking that next step. ( 2 ) […]

  2. One small step for man » Blog Archive » Correction, and a reflection on public identity Says:

    […] Theron has been helping me to understand this, and its a reason for buying this domain and moving my blog here. […]

  3. One small step for man » Blog Archive » Global University Rankings Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 Says:

    […] attract more score for WSU, since its not within university’s domain. And its not here, for reasons I stated when I launched it — basically, who’s reputation do I want to build […]

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