Chronicle: Facing the Facebook

Chronicle Careers: 1/23/2006: Facing the Facebook

(subscription required or WSU on campus or VPN)

On many levels, Facebook is fascinating — an interactive, image-laden directory featuring groups that share lifestyles or attitudes. Many students find it addictive, as evidenced by discussion groups with names like “Addicted to the Facebook,” which boasts 330 members at Iowa State. Nationwide, Facebook tallies 250 million hits every day and ranks ninth in overall traffic on the Internet.

I agreed with this paragraph, it is fascinating, but not with the general drift or conclusions of the article. For me the quesion is more about how are Facebook and MySpace used as collaborative tools, and what can we learn from these voluntary online collaborations for other kinds of learning. (I assume some form of learning is happening in the use of these tools, but do not assume that such learning is necessarily going to be recognized by the University.)

The other question is Helen Barrett’s, what can we learn from these ePortfolios that will better inform how we think about ePortfolio work within universities?

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