Fighting Wal-Mart is satisfying

Letter to Editor, Daily News. Appearing Feb 27, 2006

Thank you, Steve McClure, for gracing Omie Drawhorn’s story about the Feb. 22 Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission hearing with the “Yes Moscow/No SuperWal-Mart” button.

Thanks to Jerry Schutz for pointing out that the hearing was not about one retailer; it was about the direction for Moscow. When I got home from that meeting, I found a letter sent to my wife from her Camp Fire leader of 35 years ago. She reported having a Yes/No bumper sticker and enclosed $50 to help the cause. Thank you. And to other anonymous donors who have walked up and handed me money because we’ll need it. Thank you.

Raising cruck bent for writers studio, Oct 2005I should have known fighting Wal-Mart would be satisfying. It’s the “Yes Moscow” part that reframes the challenge into building our community. I’m a timber framer. I do barn raisings for the joy when a community comes out and works together, doing something none could do alone. The morning after the P&Z meeting, I realized I’d witnessed a raising of another form. Thanks to the 100-plus people Drawhorn describes, and quotes, who came out and built an argument against the rezone.

Thank you to the former council and to Mayor Comstock who set in motion the NewCities process that gives data to support the argument that we want another approach to planning and zoning. And to all who worked on the “big-box” ordinance, thanks. (May it soon be amended with a size cap.) Thank you to the 1,000 people who have signed the petition asking the City Council to change the comprehensive plan map back from motor business. The No Super Wal-Mart campaign is moving from defense to the offense. Now it is our turn to advocate a positive vision for Moscow’s future. March 22 is your date to come before the P&Z and say, “Yes, Moscow.”

Nils Peterson, Moscow

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