Single Identity across heterogeneous sites

I was looking at a new Flickr work-alike ( and found something more interesting — My OpenID. Its an identity service that other sites can use  so that I don’t need to have a username and pw on each provider. Interesting idea.

The Future of OpenID
Maintaining identities across multiple websites is difficult. You register at each site, choosing a different username and password. It is tedious and many sites ask for information that you have already provided elsewhere. What if someone has already taken the username you want? Most people end up choosing a username they don’t like, or simply leaving the site without registering.
Why OpenID is Cool
OpenID is an open identity specification. It provides a way for you to prove your identity to websites that speak OpenID. The important bit here is that you can use the same identity across websites. For example, if my identity is, I can use it as my login to check email, leave comments on my friend’s blog, or order a pizza. I can use it at any website that is OpenID enabled as if I already had an account. It blurs the lines of where you you have an account, and the question you ask changes from “Do I have an account?” to “Is the site OpenID enabled?”

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