Notes on the Cabin at Beaver Creek

For awhile now I’ve been inching toward a project to design a cabin on a beautiful, but challenging, site at the north end of Priest Lake. That project seems to be getting closer to really starting. Its not only an architecure project, but an experiment in collaborative technologies. This blog category will be the main notebook for the project, but other tools include where we are working on “use cases” and a Flickr “set“, where I will maintain the images for the project.

I may also use SuprGlu to create a single web page for the project. The goal would be for SuperGlu, perhaps with the addition of RSSMix to make a site that collages together materials from various systems into an overview of the project as it unfolds. From my early experiments with SuperGlu, I will need to make more tags in Flickr and perhaps here to have fine enough control over what goes to SuperGlu.

At the same time I’m doing this experiment “off-campus,” CTLT is leading WSU to create user portfolio spaces using Sharepoint MySites. This should provide us an interesting comparison of technologies.

As the work progresses, I may also use the KEEP toolkit (learn more) to create a portfolio of the project, a more static set piece.

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