Why Engage with Electronic Portfolios?

Engagement with Electronic Portfolios: Challenges from the Student Perspective
This is quite a ways down the article, but struck a chord with me…

Interestingly, although unsurprisingly, when students were asked whether they would have used the e-portfolio if it had not been assessed, the majority of students responded that they would not. This brings us back to the importance of promoting the e-portfolio. In most cases the e-portfolio was not presented to the students where they could (a) see the benefits or (b) see the “what is in it for me?” factor. Clearly, it is crucial for individual instructors and e-portfolio pilot coordinators to ensure that these issues are addressed early on in implementations. Clear rubrics and scaffolding for students on how to reflect so that they internalize the benefits of reflective practice are clearly needed if this approach to learning is going to be embraced by most learners (Bean, 2001; Walvoord & Johnson-Anderson, 1998; Yancey, 1998).

Elsewhere in the article is the advice that instructors should have, and share with students, their own ePortfolio. Now, I’ve been trying to have my own ePortfolio for awhile now. In fact I have several, in varying states of disrepair.

  • MySpace (to say I have one, I don’t use it as of this writing)
  • Flickr (perhaps the best, because I have visual works to share)
  • SuprGlu (which I’ve tried to use as a project space)
  • Del.icio.us (and CiteULike which I’ve abandoned)
  • University hosted staff web page (A place to refer people to access other resources)
  • KEEP Toolkit (I started to make a portfolio about portfolio experiments)
  • Wikipedia (user pages, combined with My Contributions make a portfolio)
  • WSU’s Wiki (more experiments with user pages)
  • my WSU Blog (now abandoned in favor of This Blog — portfolio as journal)

The article’s question resonated ‘What is in any of these portfolios for me?’

If I am going to find an answer, its going to revolve around ‘persistant identity’ and ‘authentic work.’ The Flickr, del.icio.us, wiki and blog spaces are the most important to me, but what is in it for me to write a reflection, as opposed to a collection?

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