From Inside Higher Ed, 28 April 2006

Progress. Handing out free iPods was not going to do much (except attact applicants?), as Duke learned. Handing out iPods to courses that have some pedagogic use for them makes more sense.

The Duke Digital Initiative looks like it has some interesting resources.

Duke University’s iPod program continues to evolve since its
introduction in 2004, when all incoming freshmen were given iPods. The
Duke Digital Initiative was started to investigate the pedagogical uses
for the devices and, despite skepticism from some corners, has proven
successful. In the second year of the program, instead of giving every
freshman an iPod, the university handed out iPods to any student
enrolled in a course designated by the school’s Center for
Instructional Technology as having a legitimate use for the device. The
goal was to encourage faculty to design curricula that incorporated the
technology. Indeed, the number of courses approved for iPod use rose
from 19 in the spring of 2005 to 47 in the spring of 2006. New changes
to the program reflect budgetary constraints. Students in iPod-approved
courses can now borrow the devices for the duration of the term.
Students who want to own an iPod can buy one from the university for
$99, about one-third of what it would cost retail.

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