SuMo information workers

I’m at a Microsoft SharePoint conference watching a collection of IT professionals from large multinational corporations (KPMG, Volvo, Parks Canada, various drug companies) live/work mobile. The question is not “Do they have a cell phone” it is, “Do they have more than one?” or “Do they wear it in their ear?” or “Which functions have they moved from their laptop to their phone?” I watched over the shoulder of a guy who was group-blogging the event in French, using Blogger. One way to think about this is that this group of people has learned to work in a very different way — and they are likely to use their roles to bring others over to their mode of working.
The term SuMo comes from the folks at Parks Canada. They talk about thin clients and SuMo clients. Thin as in thin-client, server-based tools, and SuMo, not as “fat” but Super Mobile. I don’t know if I’m watching what Parks Canada calls SuMo workers here, becuase these workers consume high bandwidth and many of the Canadian folks are dial in on a satellite phone from some obscure location.
I was on the bus the other day, talking to a WSU instructor and asking if he was paperless, or had considered working paperless. My question was aimed at understanding how he (sample size=1) would respond to a pandemic flu virus and the state of Washingon’s decision to disperse state workers, and WSU’s goal of continuing to offer classes despite the dispersal. The folks at the meeting here would not have a problem with dispersal, they work dispersed already, but the faculty member I interviewed was far from thinking about, and far from being equipped, to work in this mode.

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