Transmitting Life over the Internet

First steps to building the Star Trek Transporter Room. Bear with me…

I awoke this morning in a dream about a failing attempt to hire someone to teach educational technology. I’ve participated in such an effort, and more recently, I’ve watched my unit work through a process to hire a Design Consultant — a learning design specialist to work with faculty on course design and evaluation.

So, I was saying to the search committee, I wanted to see a candidate come in talking about working with students on a project to transmit life over the Internet. Beam me up, Scotty.

Further awake, I realized that this is already happening, but maybe all the steps have not been put together. Viruses are being sequenced, and the data about sequences stored in genetic banks. DNA and RNA can be synthesized from the data in these store houses, so a virus could (concievably) be sequenced, transmitted, and re-synthesized. Hummm.
Now, my remaining problem is, what category to use for this post?

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