I got spammed in Spanish

Here is a first for me.  I got the spam below. It looks like phishing. What is interesting is that the spammer thinks that there is a decent enough spanish speaking audience using an American email address and a Spanish language resource that its worth trying

Debido a los tentativas recientes de fraude Caja Madrid ha introducido un nuevo medio de seguridad. Debes conectar en tu cuenta de Caja Madrid usando tu ordenador personal o del lugar y ordenador que has utilizado en el pasado. Tu dirección IP será colocada a nuestra base de datos. Cualquier tentativa de conexión de un diverso dirección IP necesita confirmación sobre el el teléfono.   Puedes corregir su detalles personales y su dirección IP principal usando el panel de control en cualquier momento.   Por favor dar un plazo de 5 minutos a partir del momento que has llenado el formulario nuestro y darnos su dirección IP principal pulsa aquí o usando la dirección.

which Google translates

Due to the recent attempts of fraud Madrid Box it has introduced new means of security. You must connect in your account of Madrid Box using your personal computer or of the place and computer that you have used in the past. Your direction IP will be placed of our data base. Any attempt of connection of a diverse direction IP needs confirmation on the telephone.   You can at any time correct its personal details and their main direction IP using the Control Panel.   Please to give a term of 5 minutes as of the moment that you have filled to the form ours and for giving its main direction us IP presses here or using the direction.


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