Portfolio Thinking in a Web 2.0 World

Theron and I just had another good (if confusing) talk about portfolios, CTLT documents, SharePoint (mySite and CTLT sites), CTLT Unit Portfolio, wikis and blogs.

My tentative conclusions:

  1. I’m going to tag CTLTwiki with “Nils_year” to create Category pages that serve as indices to my portfolio evidence.
  2. I will make a mySite teamsiteAnnual review year” that contains my reflection on the year for Gary’s annual review purposes, and it will have pointers to the appropriate category page in the wiki. This will force me to make sure the category page is current and that will force me to make sure the project pages are current. It will also model how other staff could similarly create annual review documents, with the privacy that they desire for those.
  3. My CTLT website staff page should just point to my mySite page, but the CTLT page, being anonymous read, is needed to manage things I want Google to find. (that’s a pain, can’t wait for the ability to publish part of my mySite.)
  4. My work on timber framing will be addressed here, as blog posts, and pages, and also in Flickr, in tags, and in Flickr portfolios.
  5. I’m considering using this space to reflect on PPSEL work, where the posts will point to PPSEL documents. The issue is, do I want (do they want) me thinking about that work in public? If no, where would that work go.

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