A new day for RSS at WSU


I started thinking about RSS and XML formats in general back in 2002. I hoped to get the campus to adopt the format for slicing and dicing feeds of content and make small “N” news better distributed. For example, I watched the various seminar announcements in WSU Announcements and imagine that if there were an RSS of them, seperate from all the other stuff, and if all the molecular bio ones were together, regardless of college, they would be more effective in getting the work out to the narrow audience who is interested.

Now, with the upcoming launch of the WSU mySites, and the ability for users to make personal pages and place XML renderers on those pages, the potential for RSS grows– it has become more of a roll-your-own reader environment, with the reader technology (which has been readily available to the cognoscenti for years) now imbedded in a University platform.

The work to do remains selling people on making their news in RSS formats, segregated into finely divided streams. Blogging does this well for individuals. I’ve previously speculated on the tools to aggregate and display these feeds. It seems time to re-analyze this space and devise a new effort to promote RSS as a vehicle to networking.

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