Charter school will provide alternatives

(Appearing in Daily News, Letters to the Editor, 8/15/06)
Our kids will go back to school soon. Every year there seems to be more government regulations, more standardized testing, more of an effort to squeeze our kids out of their childhood and onto the assembly line. In Moscow we’re fortunate to have a good school district, but there are limits to how much they can innovate or modify their program to offer alternatives for families who want them.

A group of local educators, community members, and advisers have come together to design a new public charter school in Moscow based on the Expeditionary Learning model. We are committed to creating a small, public K-eighth-grade charter school based on the love of learning, yet grounded in the basics and built on a solid business foundation. Expeditionary Learning is about returning learning to being about what kids need, not about what adults need, and we believe it can prosper here in Moscow.

A charter school is a public school that can be overseen by the local school district or by a state agency. We’re asking the Moscow School Board to approve our petition to create a new school so that we can maintain local oversight. The school board will hold a public meeting to discuss the merits of this petition at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Moscow Junior High School Music Room. As chairman of the board organizing this new school, I invite area families who are interested in creating an exciting educational alternative in town to show their support at this meeting.

Bill Rivers, Viola

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