Tracking the growth in WSU mySites

On 8/15, WSU opened the doors on a new collaborative resource called WSU mySites. This is an extension to the myWSU resource launched Jan 04. I am starting to track the growth in mySites. The first measure is the number of sites. Its easy to create a site, from the top of the myWSU menu, you just follow the link and log in again. (That login is providing a small hurdle, because on some OS/browser configurations you need to type “AD” before the user ID. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.

Data collection has been a bit irregular, but we now have a means to get a number at about 1AM each day. So far, the information looks like this.

Date #sites
8/21 642
8/22 804
8/23 894 (at 1AM) 1010 by mid-afternoon
8/24 1040 (at 1AM)
The next interesting statistic will be the growth in the amount of data in the system and the use of the system for activities. How long until we see a published URL pointing at a mySite? Or here reference to “I provided this for you in mySite.” ?

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