Journal Notes for creating a mySite ePortfolio

I wanted to create a sample portfolio of my timber frame projects, 1996-2005 to model the mySite portfolio tools, to learn about the tool for the purpose of recommending improvements, and to have a reflection on a decade of my work. Since much of my work is visual, it was important to me to explore creating a visual portfolio.
For awhile I’ve been collecting images in Flickr, with the tag “timberframe.”

Referencing the images directly from Flickr is problematic because the portfolio is running SSL and some browsers give security warnings when including an image from a non-SSL source. So the images needed to be re-hosted.
The first step was to get all the images into a folder on my hard drive in preparation to moving them to the generic poster template that I had chosen for my portfolio. Using the Image web part, I quickly discovered that I needed to size my images to their final presentation size — the webpart didn’t give a tool to resize the display, only crop it. This left me with a problem of how to present the full sized images.

I elected not to create Content Editor web part with image tags to reference this images. This would have allowed me to set the display size of the large image, and make the image click-able to zoom in a new window. However, it seemed to make a greater threshold for creating the sie, and could be a barrier for others to follow. I elected not to create two pictures libraries, one for full size images the other for thumbnails, because that implied another skill other users might not have. I recognize I will have a problem to make the full size images obvious for the reader. That problem is not solved at this point in my process.
Once I had loaded images into the Picture library there was a logistical hassle to make each of the webparts, because I needed to have two windows, one where I copied the picture’s URL and the other where I was editing the web part.

Summary of steps/decisions: Get all images onto hard disk. Make thumbnails. Come up with good naming scheme to segragate full size from thumbnails, move all images to one Picture library, create the needed Image web parts.

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