mySite status – first use for class notes

There are two reports of student created mySite for class notes (Each site below requires WSU Network ID to login):

Brandon Crane (Home – MSE 401 fall 06) started using OneNote (and its audio recording) to take notes in his class. He is exploring making the site visible to students in the class (and more widely as an example).

Mark Zocher (Home – MgtOp215) is hoping to use discussions to share class notes and other discussion.
The mySite creation numbers continue to rise

8/21 642
8/22 804
8/23 894
8/24 1042
8/25 1143
8/26 1261
8/27 1282
8/28 1312
For the first 1008 users in the system, here are the demographics:

By employment status

Classified 20
Exempt 42
Faculty 21
Graduate 60
Hourly Staff 84
Undergraduate 174
Undefined 607

By class standing

Freshman 250
Sophomore 160
Junior 211
Senior 219
Graduate Student 98
Other 70

Several users have started to create portfolios, but only my demonstration timber frame portfolio appears to have any content.

One Response to “mySite status – first use for class notes”

  1. One small step for man » Blog Archive » mySite status - users with more than 1MB space used Says:

    […] utilization of the system is still light. Today, I got a list of the 23 users who have more than 1 MB of storage used in their WSU mySite. There are several with high usages, and while the most (9) are between 2 and 3 MB. Exploration of the list turned up Nathan Daniel Opsal’s Home (WSU Login required) where he is sharing photos of his interests, in the MyPhotos. One of the students mentioned previously shows up as a high disk utilizer, which makes sense because he has put in audio recordings of class in addition to lecture notes. […]

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