mySite status – Evergreen Article notes

The 100 users per day rate of new site creation continues. We’ll see what comes from the Daily Evergreen article’s publication.

8/21 642
8/22 804
8/23 894
8/24 1042
8/25 1143
8/26 1261
8/27 1282
8/28 1312
8/29 1429
8/30 1573
8/31 1755

Frankly, the article stinks. It was poorly researched, and the reported did not use much of what I know him to have been given to develop an image of the system. To start with the opening line – to draw a parallel with the Facebook/MySpace ‘Internet craze’ is to have not given much of any reflection to the offering. The author does not appear to have given any thought to the comparison of Facebook, MySpace and mySite provided in the mySite help. And, from the nature of several student quotes, it seems obvious that this same simplified pre-supposition was used in conversations with other sources.

Ricky Solitaire who is quoted describing the system as for “leisure” has a site but has not done anything publicwith it (as of this writing). Neither Solitarie or Brenton Poirier also quoted have even finished setting up their site’s color theme (let alone swithching to a different there).

Matt Kushin, also quoted, has uploaded his (MA?) thesis and is suggesting that he is new to WSU and looking to meet students who share his research interests.

Not reported was any interview with students who have started posting notes they are taking in lecture in an attempt begin collaborative study with their classmates. An interesting problem these students faced was how to advertise their efforts to classmates. One chose to use Facebook to announce the link to their WSU mySite.

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