Thinking about WSU mySite marketing

So I ran across this quote

Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe, said many of the websites currently seeing the fastest rates of growth are those that tap into their audience’s need for self-expression, which in turn encourages others to join the party. “It is the classic network effect at work,” he said in a statement.(Web 2.0′ sites see traffic explosion)

and it got me thinking about Network effects and Reed’s Law. The core idea is if you own a telephone and I buy one, it makes yours more valuable. (This is assuming I answer your calls.)
So is it true that if I have a mySite and you get one it makes mine more valuable?

Unlike the telephone example, my mySite does not gain value by you having a mySite. All I need to take advantage of the content in your mySite is a browser and a WSU Network ID.

A counter example is, the social bookmarking site. I save bookmarks there for selfish reasons. You save bookmarks for your reasons. I can discover that you and I save the same bookmark, hence discover you, and discover other bookmarks you save. I might learn something from this, which gives the bookmarks I save more value to me. (And it accelerates. The more I save, the more likely I am to find others saving the same thing and thus gain more value.)

A user could create a teamsite in their mySite that would gain value as users joined the site. An example would be a user group where a lively discussion and mutual help made the value of  participation grow with the number of participants. An example is Wikipedia. But what would a user do in their mySite that would gain this value that they would not do in a more public context?

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