Correction, and a reflection on public identity

Well, I blew it when I posted about Nancy Chaney’s indecision on the Beebe Rezone. Bruce and Stephanie pointed out my error when I sent the same text to Vision2020. The actual voting can be found in the 9-18-06 minutes of the City Council, there were a couple ties, but several of the options were voted down by the council 4-2, so the Mayor didn’t get a voice. I was wrong in that post. I didn’t get my facts straight before going to press.

Now, I’ve stewed a bit over what to do about my previous post and then came on Anil Dash’s piece

One or two generations from now, the impossibility of scrubbing every private utterance for the demands of permanent public presentation will lead to a society much more accepting of occasional flubs, faults, and flaws. Behold, the triumph of context. Metadata about a person, and hyperlinks to their lifelong record, will inform the decisions made by a public used to an informal, non-governmental version of Total Information Awareness.

One option was to expunge the previous post from the blog, but since its also in the V2020 list archives, I couldn’t re-write history to protect my identity.

Its the flip side of an interchange I had quite awhile back with David Supple regarding my analysis of his comments to the BBC and his request that I remove my comments. Since I view my blogs as one of the repositories in my ePortfolio, the request was to alter my portfolio, which I was unwilling to do.

You may or may not agree with my analysis of Supple, and my recounting of the Council meeting was wrong, but they are in the record, as Anil notes. My approach to living with them is not to disown them, but to try to learn from them. My portfolio, therefore, demonstrates growth (I hope). [Thoughts on blogs as portfolios.]
Anil goes on:

One of the biggest benefits of that reality is that I now have control. The information I choose to reveal on my site sets the biggest boundaries for my privacy on the web. Granted, I’ll never have total control. But look at most people, especially novice Internet users, who are concerned with privacy. They’re fighting a losing battle, trying to prevent their personal information from being available on the web at all. If you recognize that it’s going to happen, your best bet is to choose how, when, and where it shows up.

Theron has been helping me to understand this, and its a reason for buying this domain and moving my blog here.

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