Writely now does spreadsheets

A long time ago, Steve Spaeth found NumSum for embedding spreadsheets in blogs and it showed some cool ideas. Writely.com provided an AJAX editor that did a pretty nice job of emulating MSWord as a low-end collaborative writing tool. Then Google bought Writely and now Writely’s URL goes to Google Docs. And, I see in the interface that I can have a spreadsheet as well as a document. I’ve not explored if the publish features that worked in Writely also work in the Googel doc spreadsheet, and if it has graphics features and I assume collaborative ones.

2 Responses to “Writely now does spreadsheets”

  1. Nils Peterson’s assessment of Facebook Notes « Co-producing Innovation Says:

    […] Yesterday, Nils and I were exploring tools in Facebook to see how well they are suited to the range of uses that students and faculty might have for them. I responded to something he had written in his blog using a tool that is part of Facebook. He expressed some concern that the failure to trackback to his original post and be accessible to global searching were serious limitations (note: the link immediately below will not take you to Nils’ comment unless you are a member of Nils’ network and logged into Facebook): Facebook | Nils Petersons Notes Nils Peterson wrote at 6:04pm on November 16th, 2006 Now, this is very interesting. The networking feature of FB brought my post to his attention where he is not otherwise reading my blog or looking at the RSS from it. Instead, Steve is reading my blog at nilspeterson.com via FB, and replying in FB, which I dont think made a trackback in the blog alas. […]

  2. One small step for man » Blog Archive » Zoho Creator -- web-based database application Says:

    […] ago Steve Spaeth had discovered NumSum, and then later I commented that its spreadsheet functions appeared in Google (after it swallowed Writely). I keep waiting for […]

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