Facebook | Silence for Huskies

In looking for collaborative learning activities in Facebook, Steve Spaeth has been watching the Ultimate Facebook Project Group and setting up a metagroup to continue the discussions of the UFB groups data.

Here is a different take on a collaborate group:

Facebook | Silence for Huskies
GroupName: Silence for Huskies
Type: Sports & Recreation – College Sports
imagine this, the cougs come on to the field to start the game and the fans are going crazy. Meanwhile the husky bastards sit in the tunnel listening, as they get into their little circle thing they start to run onto the field…but they are greeted by silence. No dumb boos to get them pumped up, just awkward silence.
then once the game starts we go crazy! join me in this moment of silence saturday!

Here the task is to get an idea out to a large group of students to elicit cooperation for a few moments at the start of a football game. The discussion is ranging around if and how this idea can work. With 3224 members of the group as of this writing, they have a chance of reaching a fair segment of the student audience at the game. I’ll try to find out if this silence action actually takes place is a way that can be noticed at the game.

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