BOX.NET and SaveTheBus

I ran into Box.Net as a public file sharing resource when I saw the Western Watersheds Project using it to distribute legal briefs referenced in their newsletter. I still don’t understand how these kinds of things make money, but hey, I can use it now, and more power to them.

My first use of Box.Net was to upload a PDF flyer for a new project SaveTheBus, a grass-roots effort to collect support to oppose the Univerisity of Idaho plan to cut its funding that partially supports the bus. I mean how dumb, in an era of $2.50 gas and “Invconvienient Truths” to cut the bus. Anyway, here is the flyer as shared by

SaveTheBus is a Google Group. The Google Group UI does not quite do what I want. I’d prefer a cover page with a big announcement place and then an area with the most recent postings and links to other actions. Maybe I can make such a page with Box.Net and set that as the home page where the url redirects. I would not have used Google Groups, my first preference was JotSpot, but since the Google purchase of Jot, they are closed to new members. Maybe for the next campaign. I also made a Facebook group for “Save The Bus” to see how that might help enlist student involvement.

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