Wiki for Original Research

In SOTLing: Open Research Wiki? Theron DesRosier asks about a wiki for publishing original research, noting that Wikipedia explicitly eschews it in its encyclopedic mission. Its an interesting question: what are the appropriate ways to get original research published? What mechanisms of peer review are desirable? How might publication be an invitation to collaboration?

I struggled with some of these issues in my thoughts about 21st Century Resume. The traditional academic resume values publication is specific venues. Is it possible to play in that world and a Web 2.0 one — or must you choose one side of the fence or the other.

Theron’s quest for a wiki for original research stemmed out of a suggestion that he publish some of his work on students and faculty assessment of writing using WSU’s Critical Thinking Rubric. His notion was to find a place to publish that avoided lengthly processes AND where others could critique and collaborate. I think it was Gregory Bateson who said (I paraphrase) “The meaning of the message is the change that it makes.” and I think Theron is looking for a place where his message might make change.

  • So, why not post the article in SOTLing? Perhaps because its a new blog without a reputation — but it could be Theron’s portfolio.
  • What about WSU wiki? It has a bit more reputation with Google, but only the WSU community can edit it.

Where I left off in this discussion with Theron was to urge that he put is somewhere. And point at it from his blog, and link it from other CTLT resources at WSU wiki. There might even be a place to point at it from Wikipedia. That will help the work gain Google rank.

AND, if Theron finds another place to publish, I encourage him to copy the article to another forum and add a note (without deleting the article) on the original page about where the article was copied and why.

Does this blow Theron’s chances to publish in a traditional journal. Probably, but so what.

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