Lessons from a Cabbage Farmer for Flu Pandemic-bound Educators

In Out of the Cabbage Patch, Gary Brown says, “The metaphor embedded in that name—course management system—is perhaps the best indicator that a tool with the potential to crack open educational space and time constraints now provides mostly powerful leverage for the reigning dominance of in-the-box thinking—thinking that fails to leverage the social and burgeoning technological aptitudes of learners, fails to harness the power of collaborative learning and peer critiques, systems thinking, and global awareness, and most important, fails to cultivate learners’ pro-social instincts that ultimately make learning interesting. Subsequently, we educators find ourselves acting much like the farmer, clutching our red pens and cursing the piles of half-baked student papers as if they were rotting cabbages.” (EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 42, no. 3 (May/June 2007): 80–81).

Two reasons to post this item. First, to note how it relates to my recent thinking about how the university should address its pandemic flu planning, and to recognize Steve Spaeth’s Viral Dissemination idea and get Gary’s work into my feed.

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