DIGG user revolt, FON, and Social Networking

It started for me with an exploration of the del.icio.us plugin for Firefox. I found an option to “Show related tags and users.” To explore it, I thought, I’d grab a URL from del.icio.us/tags/smartmobs.

I took this from BBC News

Attempts to gag the blogosphere from publishing details of a DVD crack have led to a user revolt.

But the article itself is interesting. Seems that a hacker cracked the code for the digital rights management (DRM) on HD DVDs. As word spread, users posted the news on DIGG. The “…controversy [DIGG] has become embroiled in centres on a decision by the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS), the consortium behind the DRM for HD-DVD disks, to gag websites and bloggers that published information about [the] software key…”

Interesting problem for the AACS. Much like the problem faced by the recording industry and music sharing. They can go to central services like DIGG and demand they cease posting the links, but going to each member of the blogosphere and serving papers is harder.

Showing my age, it reminds me of the Vietnam war and US attempt to eradicate the Viet Cong. We destroyed villages (by analogy blog sites) but the guerrillas melted into the jungle (by analogy the Web) only to re-emerge or regroup later.

And in the process of the exploration above, (contrary to my preference of frequenting establishments with free wireless) I was at a restaurant that didn’t have WiFi, but some enterprising resident in the apartment above was offering FON, who’s site claims:

“FON is the largest WiFi community in the world. FON is a Community of people making WiFi universal and free. Our vision is WiFi everywhere made possible by the members of the Community, Foneros. We share some of our home Internet connection and get free access to the Community’s FON Spots worldwide!”

FON provides you a access point and setup such that you can restrict use of your access point to FON members (Foneros) or users who pay FON $3/day. The access point owner gets a cut. It seems FON is a European phenomenon, judging from the maps they have of access point locations.


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