Zoho Creator — web-based database application

Long ago Steve Spaeth had discovered NumSum, and then later I commented that its spreadsheet functions appeared in Google (after it swallowed Writely).
I keep waiting for JotSpot to re-emerge from being swallowed by Google, and in the mean time, am looking for light-weight collaborative tools for small collaborations. FreeSharePoint is a possibility, but the learning curve for SharePoint makes it such that its not light-weight.

Now Steve has turned me on to Zoho Creator, a web-based database application. I found him exploring Google’s ability to index his databases. I watched the demo. Looks like you can create a normalized database, at least some simple ones. And you get an application that you can invite others to use. Interesting potential here.

2 Responses to “Zoho Creator — web-based database application”

  1. SC Spaeth Says:

    Nils: Zoho solved one of the problems that we encountered with http://wayfaring.com They make it simple to recover your data in a variety of forms (html, rss, xml, json and tsv). We invested quite a bit of effort in trying to shape Wayfaring’s design. Wayfaring seems to have abandoned the public effort and left us with data we cannot recover. Personally, I am more likely to use the open data capacity than I am to use open source. I have added open data policies to my criteria for selecting tools for evaluation.

  2. nils_peterson Says:

    That’s an interesting distinction, open data vs open source. When a 3rd party is hosting, the open source-ness of the platform might not matter, but access to retrieve and re-purpose your data (and data others share on their terms) is very important.

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