Using Tag Clouds for insight into what’s important

It started because the TagCloud on our university-sponsored blog was broken. Since it doesn’t look promising for a fix, I Googled and I found US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud, which gives some cool insights into what was important in the times of various presidents. (Check out the the appearance of the word “war” relative to other words.)

Since TagCloud died, I went looking for alternatives, and ways we might build them. I’d rather find a free resource that we could feed RSS into, but with TagCloud gone, maybe we need to take it on.

Ideas and thoughts on addressing this are welcome.

One Response to “Using Tag Clouds for insight into what’s important”

  1. nils_peterson Says:

    I thought I’d found a solution in Fwicki but the free account does not seem to actually allow you to create a cloud of your feeds, its just an RSS reader and they want $20/mo for a pro account.

    It did give me a new term to Google “feed cloud” which got me to another near miss: a tool for Blogger to make clouds (of your blog I think).

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