SLOOH: A possible way to teach Astronomy

I’ve heard various reference to remote access to scientific tools, but don’t know much about the topic. I bumped into a commercial telescope access site (SLOOH) which might be a model of the idea. (Readers with more examples, please comment.)

One of the problems that I ran into in my recommendations for a web 2.0 solution to continuing the university during a flu pandemic was courses that require special tools. I tried to think about music performance class, but didn’t try to tackle a hard science that uses equipment. SLOOH suggests the potential for an astronomy class that would have access to an observatory. Cost $99 for a year is not out of line with some textbooks. Perhaps the university should close its observatory and switch to an online tool on a permanent basis.

2 Responses to “SLOOH: A possible way to teach Astronomy”

  1. nils_peterson Says:

    Gary Brown replied to this by email:

    “Yes, I was part of a PNNL project a few years back. They cannot bring
    in enough scientists to clean up the waste, so have been developing a
    set of tools to bring in the experts necessary to facilitate the clean
    up. Spectroscopes, microscopes, photon microscopes and others. I don’t
    know the status of the project or tools…”

  2. nils_peterson Says:

    Google Earth has added Google Sky. This is another option that might work for teaching astronomy. If its like Google Earth, you can save files of specific place markers.

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