How are we changing teaching in light of digital tools?

Digital Ethnography wiki asks:

What are we DOING to change how we are teaching? If you have any great examples of how you have changed up your classroom (or “classroom”) in ways that are more in tune with the information environment in which we all now exist, please comment. I am looking for examples that span all the possibilities

This is the group lead by Micheal Wesch that has created a series of provocative videos including:

So Wesch and company asks us “what we are DOING to change how we are teaching” and I want to rephrase the question to talk about learning — because the “Vision of students today” video really suggests that the learners and the learning are contextualized differently.

By way of answer, I’d point to these pieces of CTLT work (in no particular order):

What do you think? Am I on the right track to shift Wesch’s focus from Teaching to Learning? Am I missing examples, or are these unclear?

3 Responses to “How are we changing teaching in light of digital tools?”

  1. Gary Brown Says:

    The breakthrough argument supporting the direction you suggest was made by Barr and Tagg: I think their argument will help enrich this discussion.

  2. Abel Diaz Says:

    I wanted to provide an existing example of how learning can have a holistic approach while using a stand-alone method of learning. For all the chef’s out there, you will understand the benefits of this form of learning.

    This is at

    What is doing is providing a way to carry out a stand-alone application (making the soup from a recipe) but allows for the user to build upon or lessen from the stated way (now holistic). Through the use of a comments section, fellow cooks are able to add their insight on what worked/didn’t work for them while cooking. As well as posting within the comments section, a ranking system by stars is used to judge the effectiveness of the comments and suggestions on changing the recipe. This is an example of how the system is allowing us to learn from others and how easily and effectively it is carried out. It is very interesting reading from the numerous cooks that have added additional information to a stand-alone recipe, and the stand alone recipe is what we have always known, is being replaced by the interactive recipe for the internet-savvy chef.

    This is the details (ingredients, how to make the meal) including some comments.

    These are the reviews

    I actually made this soup, but from compiling components from 3 different recipes for it.

  3. One small step for man » Blog Archive » Virtual Worlds for Teaching - Wrong Question Says:

    […] Life and education. Look at this call for articles (below) for a special issue of Innovate. Its the same beef I have with Michael Wesch when he asks “What are we DOING to change how we are […]

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