In Wikipedia they don’t care about your credentials

In Wikipedia your contribution can be respected even if you are anonymous. The Wikipedia community works because it has a set of public criteria used by the community (and debated within the community) for judging all work. For example, there is a policy around deletion of pages and procedures for implementing it.

In thinking about transforming the grade book, I am concluding that we have reduced the teaching and learning proposition to one core idea: the public presentation of evaluation criteria, the public application of the criteria to a given learner’s work, and a public means for the criteria and their application to be negotiated by a community over time.

I think this is what Stephen Downes is saying in Open Source Assessment, you don’t need a curriculum created by experts, you need this core tool, the assessment.

But, key to making this work is to directly assess what you want learners to be doing. If you use an indirect measure, like a standardized multiple choice exam, what you will get is learners who master that test but may not have the skills and knowledge that are actually desired. Patricia Cross suggests that what you measure and value is what you will get more of from learners.

And, once you have your assessment underway, you need to constantly redefine it by holding the results up against what you would like to have happening. The key is not how well students do on our exams, its how well the exams promote what we want students to do.

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