Cell phone streaming/ recording

Following the advice in the manifesto I wrote a couple weeks ago, Theron has been exploring Diigo (thanks to Micheal Wesch for the pointer) as a bookmark tool. I think it is the one to adopt within our unit.

Exploring in Diigo I found the site’s blog with an item reporting an
Interview by Scoble with Diigo founder. The service Scoble used is called Qik which provides the streaming, capturing tool. It looks like they have an application to use Qik from the iPhone.

The reason for this note is to observe Scoble implementing ideas in the manifesto (pushing the live video to the Internet). In this piece Scoble talks about the audience chatting back to the camera — the audience is smarter than the person doing the interview. Another variant of the “We smarter than me” idea.

The other reason for the post is to record the choice Theron and I are proposing, that Diigo be one of the tools of the WSU CTLT community, and one of the tools of the Planetary CTLT.

PS. So I explored Qik, got it on my phone and made my first recording. Elapsed time 10+ min. Also learned that once you have a jail broken phone you can get more apps by adding sources (Qik has you do this).


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