Collaborative Notetaking in Diigo

Notes on AAC&U Conference Jan 21-23, 2009 Seattle Wa

Higher Education conference organizers that accept a conference facility without free wireless Internet for live blogging are out of touch. The one apparently open device causes “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

Gripe aside, this was an interesting meeting. The Opening Plenary set the broad context and the urgency of the problem: there is a political environment starting with No Child Left Behind and moving thru the Collegiate Learning Assessment that is rolling toward and over higher education. The higher education community needs to choose between being reactive and defensive or proactive by using innovation in self-assessment to demonstrate relevance as an offense.

I started to blog thoughts on the sessions, and decided instead to try something different. I had already Diigoed the program and started putting highlights on interesting sessions. Now I’m adding notes to the Diigoed page. If you want to read the notes, join the “CTLT and Friends” group on Diigo and go to the conference page above.

This process could work for multiple collaborators during the conference (see gripe above) and is also widely available to others.

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