Creating it is not enough

I just got an email from a colleague with a diagram documenting a design that was developed on one of our whiteboards.

Fine. But its not linkable. I can’t reference it in another document. Its got no metadata. I can’t tweet it. I will need this eventually. Hope I can find it in my deleted email box.

And while we are on the topic, I got a Diigo from a colleague. Just the link and a tag. No highlight, no comment. Should I follow the link or hit delete?

These observations are helping me develop assessment criteria for 21st century communication skills.

One Response to “Creating it is not enough”

  1. SC Spaeth Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. Last Spring, I faced a related dilemma. Students independently used a whiteboard to summarize their work on projects:
    We discussed the potential for them to lose the work so we captured it in an image. I used the image to model the kind of practice I wanted our ITeam members to develop. Some members followed my lead with occasional contributions. But clearly, we need more effort to develop this way of working. I hope that an articulation of assessment criteria may help focus our collective attention on this important need.

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