Attempt to install Google Wave into this post

Finally, recipe below. You seem to need to sign in to Wave first.  Wave below here:

[wave id=”!w+JPxpNCpvA” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#fffffff”]


I’m using the Wavr WordPress plugin which I installed in this 3rd party hosted instance of WP. My WP hosted (free) blog does not support Wavr.

waveid is of the form:!w+JPxpNCpvA

I added Embeddy  ( to the wave, as well as public ( (both set to read only)

Embeddy puts a blip into your wave, with code snippets. This will include a line that shows you the Wave ID, so you don’t have to get it from the URL.

I tried Bloggy, didn’t seem to help, perhaps it works from Blogger only.

I have now removed Embeddy

3 Responses to “Attempt to install Google Wave into this post”

  1. Corinna Says:

    The wave ID is the part after wave, and you need to replace %252B with + making the wave id like:!w+0PoXG
    So try this:
    [wave id=”!w+0PoXG”]

  2. Corinna Says:

    Also, the part after %252B (or now +) looks too short.  Looking at the waves I have, there are usually 9-11 chars.  Do you copy the entire string there?

  3. daivd Says:

    hi there,
    did you make it to work?

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