My arm’s almost better

I went to the Doc yesterday with the hope of being freed of my post-op restrictions and to discuss my various arm pains. Good News: He says: “You may do anything you can do.” (Note the careful grammar). I think we both know that I can do less than I want to do, so off to strength training. I see the PT Monday.

Cautionary News: There is a cyst the size of a pea inside the ball, under the area where the rotator cuff work was done. This may go away as the joint gets more load, or it may require a bone graft to fill the void. Right now its internal to the bone, but we took Xrays and I go back in mid-November (3 mo) to see how its progressing. [Late note: Xray was “good.”]

Regarding popping: 30% of people experience this. Its not the surgery, its age related.

Regarding pain in right bicep and shoulder: That is rotator cuff disease. Doc  recommends going as long as I can before treating it. (You bet, given what treating it in the other arm just cost!)

Regarding pain in the left side: Doc shrugs. I’m pleased with your repair. The Gritman Radiologist reports that he doesn’t see anything there (ie, can’t tell it was damaged or repaired). These things take a year to heal.

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