Building a simple rocket stove

As part of my interest in low-tech cooking I’ve wanted to build a rocket stove. Last summer I spent time at a lake cabin with a beach fire ring made of cement blocks. The gentle on-shore breeze inspired me to try making a forced ventilation rocket stove with the cement blocks.

Rocket stove made of concrete blocksView down into Rocket Stove

The base was a V of solid blocks. The V was topped with more solid blocks. The chimney sat above the point of the V, and was two 8×8″ hollow cement blocks. I chinked gaps between the blocks with piles of dry sand.

I only got to play with it one afternoon, but it worked quite well. I used flotsam on the beach for fuel, mostly 1/2″ diameter stuff. The fire really roared and was quite smokeless. Several hours after the fire was out I returned to dismantle things and burned myself on the still hot blocks.

One Response to “Building a simple rocket stove”

  1. Craig Says:

    They made a rocket stove from 5 cement blocks and it burned well, like over 600 degrees F. However, cement will, apparently, degrade at such temperatures eventually (???). It’s discussed in that thread.


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