I should not be Mayor of Moscow

A couple of friends were thinking about my pending unemployment and decided I should be Mayor of Moscow. Aside from the fact that the job is taken, I don’t think so (much to my wife’s relief.)

I’m flattered to think my friends value my left-of-center activism, but I’ve looked at the job since Nancy Chaney got elected in 2005 and concluded it’s not the place for me to work on the problem that interests me most — despite the fact that the problem is the sustainable development of Moscow.

If you have ideas about how I can follow my passion related to sustainable Moscow, and put some beans on the table, let me know.

One Response to “I should not be Mayor of Moscow”

  1. nilspeterson Says:

    OK, here goes. Rather than Mayor, how about land developer as a way to advance a sustainable vision for Moscow.
    Follow along at http://sodomoscow.blogspot.com/

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