Case Closed (I hope)

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my left shoulder surgery. I was doing stretches and curl-ups this morning and made it a point to note how the arm feels. It has regained pain-free range of motion equivalent to the right arm, except rotation to the side with elbow at hip. For that motion, the shoulder gets stiff when my hand is still several inches from the floor (perhaps 70 degree rotation).

When I raise my arms in front of me, the shoulder does not rise. I am still reluctant to do very rapid motions, such as throwing a ball, but am comfortable and capable with a splitting maul and chainsaw. I’m back to ice skating and folk dancing, both of which I had given up pre-surgery.

Strength has not fully recovered, but I am working on it using armloads of firewood. I do not feel any arthritis pain in the joint (not that I felt it before surgery either).

Till next time I guess.

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