Next Steps in Finding My Role

I have been watching the University of Idaho job listings site and in the last 6 months have not seen an opportunity that I recognized fit my skills, interests and qualifications. This has led me to realize that most of my employment history was guided by mentors & patrons who helped me find opportunities that were more-or-less created to match me.

I’ve given myself a learning task of answering:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What do I like to do?
  3. What do I want to do with my life?
  4. Who should I be talking to about this?

I have been fumbling toward the answer to #3 this spring: Community sustainability in the face of the multiple challenges we face is my broad answer [see What now about climate change]. These interests are probably a circle that connects to or encompasses the focus of the University of Idaho Sustainability initiative. My application for GM at the Moscow Food Co-op job gave a vantage to work on a subset of the problem: community food sustainability. It was interesting because it had a variety of resources at its disposal to work on the issue. Developing South of Downtown Moscow is another subset of the problem — creating more urban land use and development. Moscow Ecovillage, the idea that Christie Beery is exploring is a different take that integrates land use and collaborative living. I connect My Own Home‘s focus on independent living for an aging population to the sustainability notion in terms of less dependence on institutional care. The Transition Town movement is another angle, an effort to build organizations to support community-wide transition to a new energy and climate future.

Who should I be talking to about these ideas?

One Response to “Next Steps in Finding My Role”

  1. Christy Beery Says:

    If you want to talk to me more about the ecovillage, feel free. You said you felt like it was moving in a different direction than you wanted it to go, but it’s still in the planning stages and easy to change. If you’re looking for an unpaid job, you could even take over. I actually planned from the beginning to find someone who is a better leader than I am to take over at least some of the leadership.
    Whatever you choose, good luck finding your bliss. 🙂

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