Questions from a Real Hero

This item was left as a comment to an unrelated blog post and was moved from there to here.

I have been following your various postings for some time and have a few questions for you that I would appreciate if you answer in a public forum preferably by posting and replying to these questions on your website.
1.      You claim to be a proponent of “Smart Growth”  and yet you live in a large suburban house on a large lot with another smaller house next door. Also, from what I can tell you have a cabin up north. How do you reconcile this?
2.      You claim to be a proponent of various forms of social justice however you seem to support things that arguably would make life more difficult for your average person either in the Moscow Pullman area or in general.  For instance you oppose “big box” stores and “sprawl” but do not explain how smart growth or businesses such as the Coop will make life easier for people of modest means.  Also, along those lines do you have any real research to substantiate your claims? For instance by having restrictive zoning in Moscow and Pullman has that actually reduced environmental impact and housing affordability? Or do the upper middle class folks still own big suburban homes in town while the lower income people have to commute in from elsewhere because they cannot afford to live in the area?
3.      You make a number of commentaries about a variety of subjects ranging from education to environmental policy and economics. Do you have any specific expertise in these areas?
4.      On your Facebook page you mention that you are “gainfully unemployed” and that you are only willing to take a job that fits your desire to be “socially responsible”. I am curious first people who do not have jobs usually cannot afford to live, let alone in big suburban houses, if you are not employed where does your money come from? Second, how do you think that someone like for instance an unemployed mechanic or logger who cannot  find any work even if they are willing to travel and take a job they don’t necessarily like feels about you describing yourself as “gainfully unemployed”?
5.      Many of your positions such as your preference for organic food, or your dislike of cars and any other number of things you seem to support seem honestly to me to be more like fashion statements and icons of an upper middle class individual who has never really been uncomfortable in their life or has not really considered what the world would be like if all of their “preferences” came to complete and total fruition. You also, seem to ignore little hypocrisies of your own existence. As I questioned above you have no problem owning multiple houses or for that matter using highly environmentally intensive electronics  to do most of your work, while at the same time telling the rest of us that we should make do with less. How exactly is this not the same brand of elitism that you seem to accuse many conservatives and other people of?
As I said before I would appreciate you posting and replying to these questions. I believe in holding people accountable for what they say and how they live.
Best regards,
Real Hero


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