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6 Americas not 2

October 1, 2017

Appeared in Dnews Oct 2017

Regarding two letters from climate denialists Larry Kirkland and Varnell Williams, your readers may know the data from the Yale Program on Climate Change “Global Warming’s Six Americas” indicate there are 6 perspectives: Alarmed (18%), Concerned (34%), Cautious (23%), Disengaged (5%), Doubtful (11%) and Dismissive (9%). Nick Sanyal’s class at the UI repeated the Yale survey finding Moscow numbers agree with the Yale’s results. Further, the dismissive group is a small (but clearly vocal) minority.
The majority of your readers may be interested in a 2015 interactive graphic from Bloomberg, “What’s really warming the world.” For those interested in the success of models, in March of this year, Forbes published “The First Climate Model Turns 50, And Predicted Global Warming Almost Perfectly.” Google provides scholarly articles about modeling success and the frontiers of knowledge still to be conquered.
More interesting, your Nov 17 story about the Idaho Climate Summit quoted Mary DuPree that we needed to be planning for climate migrants coming and the implications they will have, for example Moscow’s water supply.

A year before, on October. 20, the New York Times published “Where can you escape the harshest effects of climate change.” The article named Boise among nine cities in North America. When I see maps of places being impacted by climate change, our region is among the least impacted.

This is not a conversation about foreign refugees or immigrants; it is a the real conversation about “Growth is Moscow” we should have had during the election — American citizens, residing in other parts of the US, where hurricanes, drought, or heat waves are making life increasingly difficult.

The good news is that Moscow’s P&Z has solicited advice from the Sustainable Environment Commission to add a new section to Moscow’s Comprehensive Plan that begins to address local climate change.