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Shoulder Surgery and Recovery

February 15, 2010

I had work done on a tenon, rotator cuff and arthritis in my left shoulder on Feb 3.

Home by noon that day, in a Skype meeting Thurs 11am, Palouse Prairie School events Th and Sat, off the 12-hour pain pills Fri noon, finished the anti-inflammatory drug Sun, and back in the office Monday 8th.

Week of Feb 8: On Tu, Feb. 9th, this arm moving chair from Otto Bock arrived at the office. This is day 6 post surgery

The doc’s goal is to elevate my arm 140 degrees and to rotate it (extension) 40 degrees with the chair.  Below is my training data, charted thanks to Google Docs.

Because of the tenon work, I wear a sling 24×7 and can do no weight bearing activity for this 1st month. This first week I found I need a warmup session (1 hr) each day and then an achievement session.

Week of Feb 15: Day 11 was Sunday, I did not ride the chair and suffered a setback. On Monday (day 12) I did 3 sessions; warmup and achievement, and then I tried a 3rd session, doing 5 repetitions and advancing a few degrees and reached 140 briefly. Tues I used the 5 rep process to get from 80 to 140, then did an hour at that level.

Week of Feb 22: I took the next weekend off (day 17 & 18) and required a warm-up session on Monday (day 19). Wed (day 21) I’m only getting a total of  90 minutes in 2 sessions. My pectorals are sore. The shoulder  joint is nort bothering me. On Thurs this week my daughter noticed fluid behind the elbow. Its a lump about the size of a walnut that feels like jello. It is a little tender, but not painful.  I tried an ace bandage on it for two nights. No effect and the bandage is annoying. On Saturday, while getting into the shower I took off my glasses with my left hand — which was a surprise because I didn’t know it could reach that high.

Week of March 1: I took a three day weekend (days 24,25,26). On Tues, day 27, I got to 140 in about 10 minutes with only some discomfort. I only got 60 minutes of training. Wed, day 28, I easily got to 140 and will get two sessions. A friend recommended I try arnica gel as a rub. I started this Sunday before bed and am doing 2x per day. It might be reducing some of the ache, but its not dramatic.  The company and the Doc’s office are working out that I can keep the chair another 3 weeks — oh, joy.  I am cheating and taking off the sling to use my laptop in my lap for 1-2 hour sessions. What a difference to type two-handed.

Week of March 8: I got back  to the140-40 regime in about 10 repetitions, starting from 100-40 on Monday. Doc says to wear the sling for 10 more days (6 weeks total). Presently my left fingertips can reach to me right armpit, but not enough for bathing. Changing that will be my personal goal in PT.

Week of March 15: A surprise vacation meant I missed my Monday session, however Tues was not difficult. I see the Doc Thurs this week. I’m anxious to get out of the sling and into some kind of PT. I toyed with increasing the range of motion on the CPM, but decided to wait and ask Thurs.

Cell phone streaming/ recording

August 9, 2008

Following the advice in the manifesto I wrote a couple weeks ago, Theron has been exploring Diigo (thanks to Micheal Wesch for the pointer) as a bookmark tool. I think it is the one to adopt within our unit.

Exploring in Diigo I found the site’s blog with an item reporting an
Interview by Scoble with Diigo founder. The service Scoble used is called Qik which provides the streaming, capturing tool. It looks like they have an application to use Qik from the iPhone.

The reason for this note is to observe Scoble implementing ideas in the manifesto (pushing the live video to the Internet). In this piece Scoble talks about the audience chatting back to the camera — the audience is smarter than the person doing the interview. Another variant of the “We smarter than me” idea.

The other reason for the post is to record the choice Theron and I are proposing, that Diigo be one of the tools of the WSU CTLT community, and one of the tools of the Planetary CTLT.

PS. So I explored Qik, got it on my phone and made my first recording. Elapsed time 10+ min. Also learned that once you have a jail broken phone you can get more apps by adding sources (Qik has you do this).

[How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

October 23, 2007

I have a Mac Cube running OS 10.4.x and its internal airport card died (or the motherboard’s connector died). The symptom was that it would not boot, it got stuck in the boot process. My Apple repair (great folks at University of Idaho bookstore) found that the machine ran just fine if you pulled the wireless card. So I limped along for awhile with the machine offline.

But, I really wanted to connect, and had the idea of getting a USB wireless card. I found the Belkin F5D7050 Wireless G USB Network Adapter Version 4000 supported my USB 1.1. But Belkin didn’t list Macintosh support on the box.

Some poking around found other Macintosh users with the same problem and taught me about chipsets in these devices. Torley Lives gives some directions, and points to the ralink drivers, but they support earlier versions of the Belkin device. Ralink supports many other USB adapters, its a good place to start.

Then I learned that my V4000 has the Zydas chip set.

[How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems – InsanelyMac Forum said:

Zydas USB chipset

Zydas was acquired by Atheros and the links for these drivers were taken down. However, the company ZyXel sells a device with the Zydas chipset and has posted OSX drivers.

ZD1211 and ZD1211 rev B – are installed by the same installer. It installs ZD1211.kext for ZD1211 and ZD1215.kext for ZD1211 rev B. Here are the links for the installer and for the user guide.

Atheros’ web site points to OrangeWare, which makes a driver that they will sell for $15US. So I went back to the link in InsanelyMac and got the free driver they point to. Its working. It adds a new application which launches at system startup. First time it didn’t find my network, but I think that is because I didn’t have the Belkin device plugged in during the boot process. It just finished downloading Firefox so I think we are cooking now.

Ah, the power of the net. Thanks to all who posted pointers and to those who make free drivers.

Goodstorm T-Shirt Wizard

January 29, 2007

Goodstorm T-Shirt Wizard

While looking for the folks at Wayfaring, I bumped into this. The review said it was a cool way to custom order a t-shirt. The Wizard for designing the shirt is cool in itself. Worth 2 minutes look, even if you don’t need a shirt (at least right now). What I didn’t see is if you can input a shirt design and save it and then let whomever wants the shirt to come and order from your design. Might be there, but my 2 minutes was up.