Criteria for Comments

When considering the comment you are leaving (or comments you are reading) I encourage you to examine my post and your response with WSU’s Critical Thinking Rubric. There are 7 dimensions. A comment likely won’t hit all of them, but please consider them, and use them to direct my attention to the ways I might strengthen my posts:

1. Identifies, summarizes (and appropriately reformulates) the problem/question/work assignment

This dimension focuses on task or issue identification, including subsidiary, embedded, or implicit aspects of an issue and the relationships integral to effective analysis.

2. Identifies and considers the influence of context and assumptions.

This dimension focuses on scope and context, and considers audience of the analysis. Context includes recognition of the relative nature of context and assumptions, the reflective challenges in addressing this complexity and bias, including the way ethics are shaped by context and shape assumptions. Expand

3. Develops, and communicates OWN perspective, hypothesis or position.

This dimension focuses on ownership of an issue, indicated by the justification and advancement of an original view or hypothesis, recognition of own bias, and skill at qualifying or integrating contrary views or interpretations. Expand

4. Presents, assesses, and analyzes appropriate supporting data/evidence.
This dimension focuses on evidence of search, selection, and source evaluation skills–including accuracy, relevance and completeness. High scores provide evidence of bias recognition, causality, and effective organization. Expand

5 Integrates issue using OTHER (disciplinary) perspectives and positions.

This dimension focuses on the treatment of diverse perspectives, effective interpretation and integration of contrary views and evidence through the reflective and nuanced judgment and justification. Expand

6 Identifies and assesses conclusions, implications, and consequences.
This dimension focuses on integrating previous dimensions and extending them as they explicitly and implicitly resolve in consequences. Well developed conclusions do more than summarize. They establish new directions for consideration in light of context and the breadth and depth of the evidence. Expand

7 Communicates effectively.

This dimension focuses on the presentation. If written, it is organized effectively, cited correctly; the language use is clear and effective, errors are minimal, and the style and format are appropriate for the audience. Expand

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  1. Archana Says:


    This is nice post for helping those who are not aware about commenting.


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